Playstation 3D Monitor – Worth the shocking price?

Gaming is getting better and better with all these new features, such as seamless online gameplay in FPS games, huge worlds in console games such as Elder Scroll’s Skyrim, and now with 3D?

Of course you can already play games in 3D if you are on the PC and have a pair of beautiful Nvidia 3D glasses. A lot of the new games support these and they do work, but personally, my eyes started to hurt after a while.

Playstation have now come out with the next best thing. Don’t go spending tons of money on a 3D TV if all you want it for is gaming, get the Playstation one instead!

Glasses are required, but they do look rather cool.

It’s now on sale in Europe, and it is £449 on Amazon, in case you want to pop over there and grab a.. bargain?

The monitor itself looks great. It’s futuristic looking in a way, but keeps the nice dark black theme that we know of from Playstation. Of course, they went silver when all the silver televisions were cool, and now they are black again because everyone wants a black TV now. Not like they are following trends either now is it.

The screen is a 24″ beauty. It’s not exactly mega big, but I have noticed personally that a lot more gamers have their own spaces in their bedrooms now for the gaming experience, so a huge living room style television is not required. Also, they have cleverly called it a monitor, to avoid the disappointment! Quite frankly, I have a 22″ monitor, and it meets my needs perfectly.

The best thing about it, is the fact that you can connect this device to your cable TV, or PC to enjoy it as a different type of monitor and enjoy the 3D wherever you may need it elsewhere from the Playstation gaming experience.

A good thing to note is you don’t need a new PS3 for this to work. All models made before this are compatible, so don’t worry. All you need is a very expensive monitor instead. A real money saver!

The 3D glasses also have rechargeable batteries. Thats always a good thing, right?

Also, depending on your retailer, when you buy the monitor, you will get a copy of Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 included with the purchase. All the more tempting now!

So, how long until Xbox make one? Well, the PS3 HD monitor is compatible with the Xbox 360 system, and any related 3D games, such as Black Ops and Crysis 2, so maybe we have a clever sale here by Sony?

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