Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policies

1. Payment

Note that all forms of currency are in Singapore Dollars
and include Goods and Services Tax. Various forms of
payment modes are available to pay for your purchases.
These are:

a. Cash
When paying by cash, please do not send any cash by
post. You have to make your way to
office at the following address:

  70 Shenton Way
Marina House, #13-02
Singapore 079118

b. Internet Banking Funds Transfer
With the convenience and security of Internet banking
system in Singapore, this is the most preferred method
of payment. If you do not have an Internet banking account
with any of the local banks in Singapore, and if you
wish to use this payment method, please open an Internet
Banking account with your preferred bank.

Using the Internet Banking system to pay for your purchases,
you have to note your Payment No. and the amount
you wish to pay for your purchases during the ordering process.
Follow the instructions during the payment process to transfer the funds to’s account.

Proceed to login to your Internet banking website.
Login and enter your Internet banking password. You
have to choose the Funds Transfer link (or similar)
shown on the Internet banking website after you have
successfully logged in. Enter the bank Account
No. of, the Payment No. (as your Customer No. or similar), and
the amount you wish to pay. Complete your payment process
with the Internet banking website. Remember to keep
a record of your payments.

As soon as have received your payment
from the bank, you will be informed of the status of
your payment by email.

You can always check the latest status of your payment
or the latest status of your order by clicking on the
My Purchases link found in the home page at

c. Credit Card

Only the following credit cards are currently accepted
by – VISA and Mastercard. requires your card payment details
as part of the ordering process. Your card data is then
encrypted and securely transferred to a third party
gateway – WorldPay, using the very latest encryption
technologies. These secure encryption technologies are
industry standard and used by all leading online retailers. does not store your card payment data.
Once your payment details are verified and approved, will inform you of the payment status
by email.

d. eGift Certificates will issue eGift Certificates (similar
to Gift Vouchers) in exchange for cash. From time to
time, we will issue these certificates in the form of
promotions and tokens of our appreciation. No physical
certificate will be issued, however, you can print out
these certificates if you so desire. You can check the
eGift Certificates in My Purchases or My Account links.
If you are making payment for a purchase, you will see
this payment method if you have unused eGift Certficates.
You can only use 1 eGift Certificate to make payment
for 1 item.

Do note the following general
payment conditions when making payments with

(a) There are 2 ways to get your
purchases – By Best Price and by the Group-Buy
program. By Best Price means that you are purchasing
the item at a fix price as displayed besides the item.
(Note that the Best Price may change from one day to
another, so the price at which you purchase is determined
at the exact time when you click on Add Item link.
By Group-Buy program means that you are only
requesting for the item at your own discount level together
with other like-minded Trendsetters who themselves set
their own discount levels.

(b) When purchasing using the
Best Price, you have to make full payment before
collection or delivery of the item. You are guaranteed
of the availability of the product and the processing
and collection or delivery of your order is faster.

(c) When purchasing using the
Group-Buy program, you have to make an initial
deposit of 10% of the Best Price of the item or $50,
whichever is higher, before the Closing Date
of request for that item. If the total price of your
order is less than $50, then full payment is required.
Failure to pay the initial deposit after the Closing
Date will automatically trigger the system to do an
auto-cancel of your request for that item. When prices
have been confirmed after the item’s Closing Date, you
will be informed via email to make the balance payment
(if any) before collection or delivery of the item.
When the prices have been confirmed, and if your payment
is more than the total price of your order, then refunds
will be given back to you, if you have paid in excess.

Warranties vary between the different products. Please
refer to the Terms & Conditions for the specific
product or service of the item.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy states that when an item has
been paid for whether with an initial deposit or full
payment, any cancellation made by you, will incur a
cancellation charge of $25 for each cancelled item.
However, if the system cancels the order of the item
for you, no cancellation charge is incurred. The system
will only cancel the item when the price of the item
cannot be confirmed for the Group-Buy program. In this
case, full refund will be made to you by cheque if there
is any payment made.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company
Management. Please read the above Cancellation Policy on
how refunds will be processed should there be any cancellation.

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