Logo Quiz games prove very popular

Mobile and Tablet apps continue to be popular, but one genre that has taken the world by storm over the past month has been Logo Quiz games. They started off small, and quickly became extremely popular as different variations were made to both accommodate different devices, and also the many different types of brands that exist.

The Logo Quiz games have been featured here on Suck My Trend, and we do enjoy what they have to offer, but what we have been most amazed by is the amount of people who are actually interested in them. It seems that it was a big June thing, and although the downloads for these apps are still going strong, they are starting to decline, but that may be because the entire world population has installed a copy of one.

Some variations of the quiz were more popular than others, some due to bugs and other times because developers were charging users to access higher and more difficult levels which obviously deterred users who could just download another version with the whole game free.

What we also noticed that we received a large amount of traffic to our site from people looking for answers to quiz questions. This is common among games where images are required and questions need to be answered, but in relation to this we had over 30,000 people come onto our site looking for answers, which is quite a lot of people who are curious about logos!

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