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Logo Quiz games remain popular in the download charts, and developers have come up with yet another way of keeping the gamers interested with yet another variation of the Logos Quiz. Let us introduce you to the App Logo Quiz, which is available on Google Play, and has already reached almost 50,000 downloads on to mobile devices, with many more downloads occurring. This proves that Logo Quiz games are staying popular even though they have been in the charts for two months now. Can we expect these games to stay in the charts throughout Summer? We will simply have to wait and see.

The App Logo quiz is one of our personal favourites for the variation of the Logo Quiz. We all use Apps every day now from the use of our Smart Phones, but can you name the ones that pop up on your screen? The other reason we like it is because the difficulty of the levels is measured well. People who use apps more often than others are more likely to use less known Applications, so the levels, or stages as they are known within the app are set as the following:

Stage 1: Familiar with Android
Stage 2: Infrequent user
Stage 3: Casual User
Stage 4: Habitual User
Stage 5: App Lover
Stage 6: App Addict

Very clever, we feel.

App Logo Quiz answers are available on the web too, if you feel you have to go down that route.

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